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Enviromentum's Vision

A society in which each individual retains their own autonomy, and is afforded the opportunity to make choices which are fully in alignment with their core values.

Enviromentum's Mission


To empower environmental and social justice change leaders with evidence-based communications practices for cultivating change in their communities and to grow the capacity for individual self determination from micro to macro scale.  

Enviromentum's Approach


Experiential Motivational Interviewing Trainings. 

  • "Motivational Interviewing can literally save the world" Jen Read, PhD Clinical Psychology

  • "Motivational Interviewing is the most effective behaviour change approach known to man, the idea that we haven't applied this approach on a global scale to address climate change is practically criminal" Vince Schutt, MBA, MINT member

  • We provide no-cost experiential learning events for change leaders, and change-leading orgs, optimizing access to intellectual resources for all people.

Collaborative-based support for MI-inspired activities all around the world.

  • Our game Course Correction is being developed and will be launched in 2021.

  • Learning workshops from advocacy groups in the EU, community groups in Toronto, to academic groups in Alberta supporting collaborative learning is one of our core approaches

  • We collaborate on the development of new tools in academic, non-profit, policymaking, and other contexts.

Build a Community of Practice

  • We know that one of the best ways to grow is to be part of a socially active community.  As the community of MI-skilled environmental leaders grows, we know the importance of a strong network to the effectiveness of change efforts.


*Enviromentum's Climate Conversations work is now cited in a textbook for social work students: "Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice" 2nd Edition by Melinda Hohman, PhD, MINT

**A resource for teachers seeking to unlock their students' communications potential.  This resource was built by Luke Greidanus with the support, and supervision of Enviromentum. The resource has been piloted by EcoCity Edmonton

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