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Motivational Interviewing Sustainability Practitioner (MISP)

Why Motivational Interviewing?

  • "Motivational Interviewing can change the world" - Jennifer Read, PhD, Clinical Psychology

  • "What? Your using MI to stop climate change - OMG that's brilliant" - every social worker

  • "As someone without training in Psychology it {Motivational Interviewing} just feels natural - and better." - Anon

  • "{MI} is an alternative to our righting reflex to try to persuade people to do the right thing" - William Miller, PhD, Clinical Psychology and "Father of Motivational Interviewing" 


Motivational Interviewing is the most evidence based way to help people change. The approach is so simple, and humble it attracts next to no attention, yet this doesn't change its effectiveness.


People change for their own intrinsic reasons. Motivational Interviewing is the process for helping people to explore those intrinsic motivations with us. As Motivational Interviewers we help people resolve feelings of ambivalence and our collaborative spirit helps people get more deeply in touch with their reasons - in a way that enhances their self-worth.


Motivational Interviewing enhances the autonomy of individuals to decide for themselves what is best for them based on their own reasons. By realizing that others have the right to choose for themselves, we change the spirit in which we communicate with others, and this ripples through every statement we make.  We become less pushy, and less focused on our own reasons for others to change, making space for their reasons, their plan of action, and ultimately their choice to change or not change.


Enviromentum is committed to equity. The MISP certification program cost is $3000. We understand the importance of access to professional development skills so to ensure economic access to individuals, scholarships are available. If that is the case please reach out to us and lets have a conversation about your MI use case. We encourage all MISP attendees to share this program with their networks. Since 1980-1982, the time period when MI was first developed, growth in MI application has continuously come through organic growth and sharing.  It has come through no other way.  You sharing what MI has done for you with equity seeking individuals in your personal network is the most important part of our equity plan. We commit virtually no resources to marketing to keep our costs as low as possible, therefore our only way to reach equity seeking communities is through introduction / personal connection.

Along with financial need, we know you may experience other barriers to participation. Our goal is to facilitate access. If for any reason you are experiencing barriers to participation please let us know and we will explore collaborative solutions.

The Requirements to get MISP certified:

2 Hour Intro Workshop. Motivational Interviewing mandates an introduction. The intro will include a bit of history, explanation of MISP, experiential learning.  Intros along with all trainings, are offered in Enviromentum's professional Zoom room.

12-15 Hour Intermediate Training Series. This series will be 6 X 2-2.5 hour sessions, each session will build on the last, and journaling assignments will unify the experience, solidifying your personal skill development. Sessions are usually once a week. Timing and scheduling arrangements are customizable to match organizational client need.

Quest Completion.  Each week participants will have two quests for learning, connected to a journalling opportunity. These quests will be enacting the week's learning in one's own life and reflecting upon the nature of these communications. This includes a personal MI deployment plan of "how can I apply MI actively and effectively in my work".

8 Hour MITI Language Workshop. This workshop series will be 4 X 2 hour sessions. The MITI code 4.2.1 is a measurement protocol used in MI science and a powerful window into expanding one's MI skills. MITI is a way to quantify interpersonal language. MITI coding will empower you to evaluate yourself and others to identify opportunities, strengths and weaknesses to become a competent, and confident MI practitioner.

20 Minute MITI-reviewed sample. The last step of your certification is the official selection and submission of a coded sample demonstrating proficiency in Motivational Interviewing at a good or higher level of performance. Note: we are here to help you reach this point, and are fully invested in you being your best. 

Suggested for the first year - 15 Samples. While this is not required, we do suggest that in your first year as a MISP, you conduct a minimum of 15 MI conversations, and reflect upon these conversations.  MI is a skill that develops with practice. Why learn a skill if you never use it? These samples and giving oneself the gift of feedback in reviewing one's own samples will be like a booster rocket for your skillfulness in MI.

Get Started

Your MI journey can begin with a simple letter to Vince with the subject line "MI Meet & Greet" to

Host a MISP credentialing series*,**

Enviromentum has unique materials for deployment of workshops both in Zoom, as well as in person. We are happy to accommodate learning access collaboratively with you. If you are interested in bringing MISP series workshops  to your school, business, NGO, club etc. please send an email to 

*MISP certification in any series must meet a threshold of performance to be awarded, that said we care about you, your environmental objectives, and your success. All MISP candidates will receive personalized feedback on personal MI skill growth opportunities based on their submitted samples, and quests.

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