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The first intermediate motivational interviewing cohort.


What can I say to help someone change?


Tackling climate change is daunting. How do we solve a global problem when it seems like so many people are disengaged? As environmentally-minded people, we generally voice our reasons to change with people. Behaviour change science tell us these reasons need to come from our audiences.


Our training introduces concepts in behaviour change science help participants experientially learn how to motivate change in others. Participants will practice proven behavioural techniques in an interactive learning environment. Enviromentum leads a community of practice as well as offering introductory, intermediate, and custom learning programs for individuals and organizations.

Introductory Training*

Our training is centred on a method called Motivational Interviewing or “MI.” Practiced and researched for over four decades in and beyond the health sector, MI is arguably the most effective and scientifically-proven approach to behaviour change. MI is a collaborative, person-centered approach that is focused on evoking an audience's own personal reasons (intrinsic motivations) for change as well as empowering their autonomy to mobilize their own motivations.


Training sessions include:

  • Introduction to MI as a new approach to environmental communications

  • Guided, experiential practice of new skills

  • Experiential learning methodologies with debriefs and group interaction


At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand diverse applications of MI

  • Recognize barriers and opportunities for behavioural change

  • Respond appropriately to change-resistant language

  • Identify and respond to resistance language


*This is a prerequisite for our intermediate course.

Intermediate Training

Designed as a follow-up to the introductory course, this training program is for participants who wish to take their behaviour change skills to professional applications and apply MI-informed strategies to their work.


Training sessions include:

  • Six modules on the theory, application and experience of MI as a communication method

  • Experiential learning of MI techniques in a variety of scenarios that nest learning in personal examples

  • Strategies for self-management and reducing mental distractions during MI interactions

  • An introduction to the leading MI evaluation methods, a system known as the MITI code

  • Discovery of the PIE framework for providing feedback, to oneself and to others.


At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Have confidence in utilizing MI techniques to achieve a change target

  • Craft appropriate responses based on active listening and observing body language

  • Develop and implement MI strategies in your life or work

  • Understand the scientific basis behind the effectiveness of MI

One participant said "I was surprised that I was surprised"

MITI training class


The MITI code 4.2.1 is a peer-reviewed validated measure for validating the efficacy of one's own MI skills. The MITI coding measure is a key part of any program of work that has a basis in a staff members MI skillfulness, and can be used for ongoing coaching and program improvement. This is part of the MISP certification requirement.

Hosted Trainings - Meet & Greet


Hosted trainings are almost universally from referrals or after a meet & greet session.

Enviromentum has capacity to deliver a range of customized programs and experiences for orgs of all shapes and sizes. If you are interested in convening an MI training, reach out and tells us. We are eager to help you reach your goals your own way. Contact Vince at and write "MI meet & greet" in your subject line. I look forward to hearing from you.

About the Facilitator

Vince Schutt is currently a second-year PhD student at York University. As Co-founder of Environmentum, he has vast experience in applying behaviour change science as an educator, consultant, researcher, and facilitator. Vince has been practicing and trained on MI since 2014 and is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), a global network of MI experts focusing on raising the bar for MI practice. Included in his work, Vince has conducted Climate Conversations™, an evidence-informed workshop, with over 1000 young people. Vince has also provided skills training workshops for thousands of environmental educators, organizers, and communicators in the United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Sweden, France, Denmark, Netherlands, and more.

Vince's work has been selected for multiple academic symposiums from American Psychological Association to inclusion at the MINT international Forum on multiple occasions. His most recent peer-reviewed publication is on the importance of gratitude, and is inspired by the transformational writing of Robin Wall Kimmerer.  The publication can be found here:

Introductory Training
Custom Training
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