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Get Started!


This session is a metaphorical dipping your toe in the water of MI. We will explore what MI is.  We will have a few experiential activities. We will have fun, and get to know some people like us!

MI Hangout:

A bi-weekly gathering of MI interested people.  A great way to meet, connect, and have a social zoom. MI hangouts are drop in no RSVP needed. The group in good Canadian form is called CURL which stands for Communicating Understanding with Reflective Listening.

MI Consultation:

You have materials, surveys, programs, or people and you'd like to explore professional and/or resource development from an MI lens.  Write and we can set up a time to explore how MI can help you achieve the change your looking for

Building MI Skills

Intermediate Workshops:

A series of 6 learning sessions helping you build your ability to start using MI for advancing your sustainable goals. Each session in the series builds on the last and culminates with a practicum interview

MITI Code:

A series of 4 workshops. The MITI code is a measure of MI-efficacy. Learning the measures of MI can help you to see MI-adherent and MI-non-adherent statements in everyday life. This is an important step for developing MI mastery and is required for MISP certification.

Advanced practice:

Options are available, if you'd like to rollout advanced practice, MI coaching training work, please contact

MISP Certification:

If you are interested in MISP certification please write me at so we can collaboratively build a learning plan for how we get you there.

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