Booking Calendar

Attend a Workshop

Step 1, Choose level: We offer community pay-if/what-you-can workshops at all levels of experience from intro to dissertation support.

Step 2, Choose a time: Find an offering on the calendar - if none seem to work, let me know!  We offer many private small group intro sessions - its a regular thing.

Step 3, RSVP: Click the calendar link and follow to the eventbrite.  If you like the arrangement, please RSVP

Step 4, Go time: Lets have a joyful workshop together for experiential learning.

Host a Workshop

Step 1, Vette the experience: Attend an intro workshop first. We both know you don't want to invite your network and contacts to an experience you haven't vetted yourself!  

Step 2, Connect with me:  Lets collaborate to make a great experience for your guests! Lets have a call to find a mutually beneficial time 647-469-6366 (please text your name prior to calling).

Step 3, Execute the plan: Build an audience & confirm date.

Step 4, Go time: Remind attendees of their RSVP's - or what I like to call "plotting for success"

Recurring Program Info

Intro Workshops - A 2 hour  experiential learning event with group activities. Virtual and in person options.

Intermediate Workshops - Two 6-hour days, a week apart, with daily journaling themes.  The workshop is built around learning theory to maximize your skill uptake and power as a communicator

CURL - Our community of practice.  It is a place for us to gather and grow our skills in a supportive, inclusive environment.