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Booking Calendar - All events are free to attend

Get Started!

We offer the following workshops that are all available to help you start your journey in discovering Motivational Interviewing. Each of the calendar links below are your gateway to the workshop.*


This session is a metaphorical dipping your toe in the water of MI. We will explore what MI is.  We will have a few experiential activities. We will have fun, and get to know some people like us!

MI Hangout (NEW!):

A weekly gathering of interested people.  A great way to meet, connect, and have a social zoom.

*We used to add Eventbrite links/descriptions/RSVPs but that takes 20 minutes per event, yuck. To attend just come at the appointed time, ready for a fun mind-growing experience!

Building MI Skills

Intermediate Workshops:

A series of 6 learning sessions helping you build your ability to start using MI for advancing your sustainable goals. Each session in the series builds on the last and culminates with a practicum interview

MITI Code:

A series of 4 workshops. The MITI code is a measure of MI-efficacy. Learning the measures of MI can help you to see MI-adherent and MI-non-adherent statements in everyday life. This is an important step for developing MI mastery and is required for MISP certification.

Advanced practice:

Options coming, if you'd like to support the rollout of our advanced practice training work, please contact

MISP Certification:

If you are interested in MISP certification please write me at so we can collaboratively build a learning plan for how we get you there.

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