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Why it Matters


Emissions produced by transportation continue to significantly contribute to the rising levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs). In the city of Markham, many citizens drive to work as opposed to using public transit or active transportation modes for all or part of their journey. At the base of this issue, the behavioural rigidity of drivers that perpetuates this habit. This project is being designed to help individuals recognize the impact of their travel patterns and choices through evidence-based behavioural techniques. By helping Markham residents find their own values and reasons for choosing greener transportation methods, we will motivate residents shift away from single-occupancy vehicle use.


About the App

The CarbonCount project is a transportation app that is able to detect users’ mode of transportation. Based on user behaviour, the app will make recommendations for lower GHG routes and mode options. The customized experience will encourage Markham residents to become more aware of the impact of their transportation habits and motivate them to adopt alternative transportation modes. Features of the app include:


  • Visualizations of personal GHG emissions

  • Low-carbon route options based on individual travel patterns

  • Customized goal-setting, social comparisons and feedback


Program Partners

This project is being led by Dr. Bilal Farooq, Assistant Professor in Transportation Engineering, at Ryerson University. Enviromentum’s role on the project is to provide the behavioural science expertise at its core. Our team designs and implements behavioural interventions that prompt Markham residents to make the switch to greener transportation options.


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