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Communicating Understanding with Reflective Listening (CURL)
Toronto's inclusive MI practice community


We are a group of environmentally-minded communicators.  We understand the limitations of “traditional” communication approaches and we know a better path exists.  We come together to enhance our skills as environmental communicators who use evidence-based approaches like motivational interviewing and constituent skills like reflective listening to empower the autonomy of others to make new choices based on their own motivations.

When & where is CURL held?

Monthly, on the last Wednesday of the month from 6-8PM. This programming will be conducted in support of and in collaboration with the Climate Venture Zone.  The Climate Venture Zone is part of the Centre for Social Innovation and is located at 192 Spadina Ave. on floor 2.


Inclusive community

Everyone with a spirit to explore change, and help others explore change using evidence-based approaches is welcome to attend and participate in our community. The community is designed with inclusivity at its heart.  If you experience barriers to participation please write to explore how accommodations can be worked out.

Confidence to participate

We understand many potential participants may lack confidence to take the first step.  That's okay - we are here to help! We invite you to participate in an introductory MI skills workshop which are offered periodically by Enviromentum.  You can sign up to be notified at the bottom of this page. Additionally feel free to share your interest via email with Vince Schutt, MINT.  We are demand responsive!


Alternately the following video resources may aide your process in feeling confidence to participate in our community.



As a community we are committed to the principles and spirit of motivational interviewing, continuous improvement of the community, and continuous growth in our skills as individuals.

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